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All provider visits are by Appointments.  The time slots are very important.  We have a ten-minute window.  That mean if you come in more than ten minuets AFTER your scheduled appointment (based on our computer clock) you most likely will have to be rescheduled.  If we know how the provider's schedule has gone that day, we may be able to ask the provider if we can fit you in.  But that is NOT a guarantee.

Reaching your provider's CMA

Please use the voicemail option for the provider you see.  Messages are checked multiple times a day.  You will receive a call back in 24 to 48 business hours.  Please do not leave multiple messages.  That will only slow the process down.  

If you select the general option and ask for a nurse, you will be transferred to their voicemail.  If you insist on a message being taken down, we will do that but it will only be given to the nurses at the end of the day.

UDS - Urine Drug Screens

All of our UDS (urine drug screens) go to Apex Clinical Diagnostic for confirmation testing.
Every new patient is required to have a UDS done. 

All patients prescribed Controlled Substances must do a UDS at each refill visit.

Billing for UDS

We do an in-house preliminary UDS on the date of your visit.  We do bill for this.

Apex Clinical Diagnostics will bill your insurance company for the in-detail, confirmation testing.  When you see your EOB you will probably flip your lid.  DO NOT PANIC!!  I promise no insurance company would pay that amount.  Your insurance company will pay what they see fit.  You MAY get a bill from Apex Clinical Diagnostics for the remainder.  Do not pay it, do not respond to it.  I know, it sounds crazy.  For more information call the office, tell the receptionist you received a bill from Apex Clinical Diagnostics and have a question about it. 

We started using Apex Clinical Diagnostics in the last week of April 2019.  Prior to that we used K & S Clinical Diagnostics.


All of our standard lab work is sent to PathGroup Labs

With the hundreds of plans out there, it is impossible for us to know which plans except what labs and test.  If you have any doubts about your lab work, please call you insurance company first and see if PathGroup is in network.  If PathGroup is not part of your insurance, let your provider know and he or she can write a lab order for you to take to a location that is part of your insurance. 

The same can be said about lab tests.  Even with physicals, not all insurance plans cover the same type of lab tests for a physical.  For your information, our standard physical panel tests for CMP, CBC, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, TSH and Advanced LIPID.  At times the provider may add more to the physical but those five tests make up our STANDARD  PHYSICAL PANEL.

All of our UDS (Urine Drug Screen) samples are sent to Apex Clinical Diagnostics.  Look under UDS topic for more information on this.